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Davie shipbuilding has been voted as North America's top shipyard in the Lloyds List North American Maritime Awards

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The Canadian shipbuilding and ship repair industry has never been so strong. The domestic shipbuilding industry is primarily focused on the construction of  value-added naval, oil & gas and passenger-transportation related vessels. Our capacity today has stemmed from centuries of research, development and construction of ships used in the harsh local conditions. The industry is a technology based and specialized skill oriented field which uses the products of numerous Canadian companies from steel mills to advanced information technology providers.

The present surge in shipbuilding and ship repair activity can be attributed to a number of factors:


A New Era for Canadian Shipbuilding

A growing importance as a strategic industry for Canada

Canada is the world’s largest maritime nation with twice as much coastline than any other country (265,523km). Located along and inside our borders are some of the world’s busiest shipping routes as well as substantial offshore natural resource reserves. It has therefore become imperative that we retain and continue to build the industrial capability to serve the needs of our domestic seagoing fleet.

A commitment to renew the federal fleet

Our government has made a major commitment to renew the federal fleet. The Shipbuilding Association of Canada was a major driver in achieving this commitment; acting in its capacity as spokesperson for industry with the government of Canada.

Centuries of expertise

Canadian shipbuilders have a well-deserved reputation for producing quality ships. Shipbuilding in Canada is a high technology industry driven by computerization, complex design capability, and automated production equipment. Today, Canadian shipyards are at the forefront of global shipbuilding technology. Our shipyards are producing a vast array of innovative vessels spanning a variety of industries.

Major infrastructure investment

Canadian shipyards are modern. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent in shipyards across Canada over the past two decades. Our industrial facilities are strong and capable of producing all sizes of naval and commercial vessels, as well as floating and fixed drilling and production platforms and other heavy industrial equipment.

A globally competitive solution

Lastly and most importantly for our export clients, Canadian shipyard labour rates are generally lower or equal to our U.S. or European competitors. Lately, a weaker Canadian dollar has also contributed to our competitiveness against foreign shipyards.